Training Bands "Power Bands"

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With a set of two POWER BANDS BOCO, you will perform a comprehensive whole body workout without requiring any other equipment. The tape is designed for all trainees - at all levels. The regular use of our POWER BANDS gum will improve your condition, increase joint flexibility, and help you burn fat. The training tape will allow you to strengthen your body, while at the same time stretch and provide you with support in performing your movements. This versatile accessory is a great support tool during training. You can adjust the resistance of the rubber yourself by tying or wrapping the rubber, or simply using 2 rubber bands. Bands are perfect for training performed by both beginners and advanced trainers. The set includes two rubbers with the following dimensions: -6.5 mm, resistance from 2 to 6 kg, circumference 200 cm -13 mm resistance from 7 to 16 kg, circumference 200 cm

- It is a low-cost device that will take your training to a new dimension
- Providing additional progressive resistance in your training
- Strength training, you can perform anywhere
- Easy transport, high durability
- Unlike dumbbells, training tapes allow you to vary resistance and increase it progressively. This allows you to develop strength, speed, and power, all while providing relief to your joints.

Regularly check the general condition of the belt.
If you notice a possible crack or tear, do not use the tape, and replace it with a new one.


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