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The latest modeling WARRIOR collection for real warriors!

We have taken a step forward and in addition to the extremely modeling fabric, the leggings include patterns that also optically model the figure!

Wearing the WARRIOR collection you will definitely stand out from the crowd!

Enough boredom and safe models! It's time for a bit of madness and the power of character!

SEAMLESS - The tops have been made in the seamless technology. This technology allows to get rid of most seams, thanks to which the tops are very comfortable and adhere perfectly to the body.

COMPRESSION - The tops were made of a compression fabric which tightly fits the body. Compression supports the work of muscles and shortens their recovery time. In addition, it makes the legs look slick and slim, and their muscles are emphasized.

FLEXIBILITY - The fabrics used for manufacturing the leggings are extremely flexible, allowing you to perform any exercises freely. The fabric is soft and perfectly adheres to the skin, thanks to which it meets all its tasks. The perfectly tailored clothing design gives the impression of a "second skin".

THERMOREGULATION, THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF BREATHABILITY AND QUICK DRYING (Soft Air +) A certified, technical, smart SoftAir + fabric has been used for manufacturing the leggings. It is characterized by the highest level of "breathability" and moisture drive-off. The smartness of the fabric lies in the fact that in warm conditions it cools the body while when cold it heats it so as to maintain a constant, optimal body temperature.

SILVER IONS, ANTIBACTERIAL TECHNOLOGY (SILVER PROTECT) - The tops have been enriched with lasting silver ions, which guarantees the highest level of hygiene, reduction of odors, and long-term freshness.

ALOE - During the production, the material is enriched with active and lasting Aloe, which additionally takes care of the skin.


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